Metromec Maintenance is an extensive branch of our business.

The provision of our technical prowess, responsible approach and extensive experience in the aftercare of all of our installations, enables us to provide a robust, tailor-made maintenance program to suit the needs of our clients.

We can provide a multi-integrated service in a single solution, which offers expertise to help your workplace. This means one multi-service account manager, one help desk number and one invoice, leaving you free to take care of your core business more efficiently.

We are committed to providing our clients with a reliable and friendly quality service, and view each contract undertaken as an opportunity to procure and cement a long-term alliance with each client and seek to develop each affiliation.

Based on your requirements we can provide any or all of the following:

  • Bespoke service regimes to suit your requirements and your budget
  • Planned programmes with detailed checklists
  • Site log books for a full on-going history of all maintenance and other associated works
  • Priority for emergency call-outs
  • Guaranteed response times
  • Fully trained engineers, vase range of disciplines
  • Links with all main dealers, fast availability of parts, minimal down-time

We tailor our proposals to meet the client's needs and will discuss and present any alternative solutions in order to inform the client of all options available. With all new clients we establish the requirements and type of contract required, to ensure a specific plan allied to the clients brief. We explain the plan in detail with any options on maintenance strategy, administration and monitory. The maintenance contracts we offer clients:

Our Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) contract provides our clients with trusted engineers to carry our maintenance tasks to an agreed annual cost. As we feel this provides a cost effective solution for our clients.

We also operate and offer maintenance contracts on the following basis:

  • Inspection and Maintenance Fixed-Sum

    Agreements where our engineers attend site and inspect the equipment to confirm it is functioning correctly. Minor routine maintenance such as filter condition checks etc are carried out on site at that time. Repairs are carried out at an agreed additional cost.

  • Call-out only

    Cost of engineer's attendance and materials is charged at an agreed rate. Response time is agreed, together with minimum call-out costs - making our service efficient and cost effective for our clients.

  • Fully Comprehensive Contracts Fixed-sum agreements

    For the provision of labour and materials to maintain mechanical equipment and services that cover the replacement of all parts which have failed within the contract term.

  • Comprehensive

    This is also a fixed-sum agreement for the provision of labour and materials. However, the value of work is limited to an agreed sum. This reduces the risk to us, and therefore the cost to the client.

Our service manager software ensures that planned maintenance is efficiently organised and each current or outstanding job is monitored through satisfactory completion. Our fully qualified engineers ensure you receive the best service. We are constantly updating our knowledge in order to advise our clients of the latest regulations and to ensure our engineers continue to provide a guaranteed service.

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