Awarded annual planned preventative maintenance contract for contemporary photography gallery

The Photographers Gallery

This existing gallery building was completely refurbished and extended by three floors to provide several additional exhibition spaces, a café and a book shop resulting in this being the largest public gallery in London dedicated to photography, situated in the heart of the West End. All new services were installed throughout by Metromec. The building managers were keen for the building services to be properly maintained from the day the building was re-opened.


Metromec discussed the extensive requirements with the gallery managers and submitted a suitable proposal to undertake annual planned preventative maintenance of the gallery. Subsequently, Metromec were awarded the annual contract to maintain and service the mechanical and electrical installation.


Metromec have continued to carry out planned routine maintenance since the building completion in 2012, including service call outs to attend operational problems. We have carried out a number of services modifications since that time in order to accommodate building alterations made by the gallery and we continue to have an excellent working relationship with the gallery’s building managers.

Site Location
The Photographers Gallery, Soho, London
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