MM Chelsea and Westminster

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Case Study

Healthcare Sector

Location: Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, Fulham Road, London SW10
Project: Removal of existing chiller and acoustic
enclosure, modifications to chilled water pipework and installation of new variable speed air cooled screw chiller.
Value: £380,000

Metromec were employed to dismantle an existing redundant chiller enclosure and to remove the enclosure and chiller from the roof. They also were commissioned to carry out various modifications and additions to the existing chilled water circulation pipework and to install a new chiller in place of the redundant chiller. All works were to be undertaken with minimal disruption to the cooling systems, primary and secondary circulation circuits within the hospital to ensure minimal disruption to services within this busy central London hopsital.

Metromec worked closely with the hospital management and incumbent PPM company to ensure the works were programmed and undertaken with the minimum of disruption. Careful planning was carried out to ensure the safe removal of the existing chiller and acoustic enclosure.

The project was completed successfully on time and on budget, ensuring there was minimal disruption.